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Aerial view of Owner and Pilot Clint White

Efficient See Imaging Services

eSee Imaging Services assist in improving business sustainability and conveying ideas to proper scale. Contact us with your challenges, we provide interesting and affordable solutions.

Efficient See is packed and ready for expeditions to far away places. Wilderness survival trained, trail tested gear hauling machine! Let's go.

Infrared Inspections

Quick assessment of industrial and mechanical infrastructure via infrared imaging allows preventative repairs

Thermal Imaging

A scan of the entire property can reveal massive and minor energy loss sources, which usually also cause deterioration if left.

Aerial Site Photography

Your project deserves a celebration at completion! Let's gather and raise a toast, capturing the moment!

Large scale printing available in-house and on-demand. Order multiple for the perfect gift at a discount!

Time Lapse Photography

Capture the process of the build via weatherproof timelapse photography rigs. Industry, Event, Expedition.

Rewarding and fun to watch, time lapse imaging can also indicate what went right and wrong.

Efficient See Home and Industry Services

eSee Industry Services cover your leaks with solutions and upgrades for the future.

Solar Panel Recycling

There are only a couple places on Earth to effectively recycle solar panels.
Are you upgrading to modern solar panels or Tesla solar shingles?
eSee safely removes old solar panels and prepares them for reuse or recycling.

Wind Turbine Blade Painting

SPRAT certified rope teams are prepared to update your wind turbines with paint to drastically lower bird kills.
Our technique will have increased efficacy when compared with the initial one-black-blade study.
Our team will also conduct on-site before and after analysis of species impact and media sharing.

Energy Audits

In-home energy audits focus on improving insulation, appliances, and HVAC.
Business and Industrial audits can assist in streamlining processes and inputs.

Solar Panel and Window Cleaning

See clearly as you dream up the next solution! Window scum builds, and clarity improves with less mess.
Clean solar panels produce more electricity, but rooftops are dangerous. Our safe and insured team solves both!
Schedule a spring and fall cleaning now so we can discuss the next step in your progress to sustainability!